Celebrate Safely

Some things bear repeating, and here’s one: if you choose to drink, do so responsibly. Celebrate safely at those tailgate parties or at the upcoming Fall Crawl in downtown Clemson (Saturday, November 10 from noon until…). Here are some tidbits to retain, if you choose to drink

  • Before you start, be sure to eat a mealFoods like yogurt, hummus, cereal, avocado, quinoa and pasta line the stomach and slow the absorption of alcohol. Milk, salmon, eggs and chicken provide some of the vitamins and amino acids lost while drinking.  eating
  • Drink plenty of water. In order to alternate between the alcoholic beverage and H2O, pace the amount and rate of alcohol absorption; if you choose to drink liquor, make sure it has lots of ice to dilute the alcohol. To take the pressure off having to drink alcohol, you can always drink fizzy water, soda or some other non-alcoholic drink. 
  • Stay with the same group of friends, and never leave a friend behind to help ensure everyone gets home safely. Keep friends from being a victim or perpetrator of assault. A Clemson University study reports that 48-61% of sexual assault victims on campus had been drinking alcohol, and 70% of the male perpetrators had been drinking alcohol. Alcohol makes it harder for us to take in all the information around us and to see potential red flags, as well as act on those red flags. It’s important to note that alcohol is NOT an excuse for any misinterpretation of intent or assault.
  • If you see something, do something; that is, intervene if you witness an inappropriate event such as possible alcohol poisoning; someone at risk of sexual violence or self-harm or at risk for harming others; discrimination, bias or name calling. Basically, if you wouldn’t want someone to do something to you, don’t let them do it to someone else. 
  • Never leave your drink unattended or take a drink from a stranger. While date-rape drugs, which often have no smell, taste or color, can be introduced into a drink, remember than alcohol is the drug most preferred by sexual predators. 
  • Don’t drive; do plan your way home before you go out. Clemson University has options, and Uber and Lyft now operate in the area; so there is really no reason you need to drive if you’re out celebrating—unless you have a designated driver. 


  • Pace yourself. Know the standard drink sizes and consume no more than one per hour. Avoid drinking games. Remember, too, that females metabolize alcohol differently from males. Finally, be aware of the point of diminishing return: after achieving a blood alcohol content of .04, your judgment and coordination become impaired, nausea and vomiting can occur, and you can be at risk for blackouts, unconsciousness or even death. If someone passes out while drinking, administer the Bacchus Maneuver and call 911 immediately. Remember, Clemson University has a Medical Alcohol Amnesty Policy that protects students who require medical assistance in alcohol-related emergencies.

standard drink

During the Fall Crawl “tour” of Clemson’s bars, many of the participating establishments can help you keep hydrated and nourished with free bottled water and food specials, including offerings from the following: 

  • TD’s: $6 chicken fingers with fries and FREE bottled waters 
  •  Nick’s: $8 fingers with fries
  • Palmetto Smokehouse: specials on biscuits, BBQ sliders, small shrimp and grits, and shakes
  • World Class Burgers: $1 off burgers and wings
  • Your Pie: 50% off combos with the purchase of a pizza 

be safe

You can also look for as-yet unannounced food specials from Todaro’s, Charleston Sports Club, Loose Change, Tiger Town Tavern, Backstreets and others. If you choose to go, have fun but be safe!