Celebrate Safely

Celebrate Safely

With football season and fall events coming into full swing this semester, there is a great call for celebration and fun with family and friends. In our Celebrate Safely campaign, we provide resources in planning ahead, stepping up and returning home to help ensure that you find ways to keep yourself and others safe throughout the festivities. 

Before you go out, PLAN AHEAD:

  • Choose a buddy

  • Plan how you will get home: sober driver, CATbus or rideshare
Plan a meet-up spot in case you get separated

  • Charge your phone, turn up the volume and check it frequently

  • Download and familiarize yourself with the RAVE Guardian app

    • Set a safety timer, so your friends know when you’ll be home
Know the signs of alcohol poisoning:

    • Vomiting

    • Confusion

    • Slow and/or irregular breathing
Blue or pale skin

    • Low body temperature
Unconsciousness or inability to stay conscious

  • If you choose to drink:

    • Plan not to exceed a certain number of drinks
Eat before and during drinking

    • Choose not to pre-game


While you’re out, STEP UP:

  • Socialize without needing to consume alcohol
Hydrate with water to avoid heat exhaustion

  • Check in with friends regularly

  • Recognize when someone’s in trouble, and step up to help
  • Call 911 if you need help to safely handle a situation

  • If you choose to drink:

    • Keep track of the number of drinks you consume
    • Alternate with water
Eat before and during drinking

    • Know what’s in your drink
 – avoid taking drinks from other people
; never leave your drink unattended
; pour your own drink

    • Choose not to play drinking games

    • Don’t pressure others to drink


At the end of the day, RETURN HOME SAFELY:

  • Never leave a friend behind

  • Go with a group, don’t go alone

  • Share a safe ride home with a sober driver
If using a rideshare — Stop, Ask, Match, Inform.

  • Let friends know you got home safely

  • Call 911 immediately if someone is passed out and unresponsive

    • Do not wait for all symptoms of alcohol poisoning to be present

    • Turn the person on their side

    • Do not give the person any food or beverages

    • Stay with the person until help arrives

  • Remember our amnesty policy MAAP: students seeking assistance during an alcohol-related emergency will not be charged or sanctioned for violations of the university’s alcohol policies