May is Mental Health Awareness Month

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month. If you’re looking for small ways to help you make big changes in your mental health, check out our list below!

TAO, Therapy Assistance Online: A suite of online tools for well-being, resilience and behavioral health.

Utilize Online Resources

  • TAO (Therapy Assistance Online): TAO, or Therapy Assistance Online, is an app that includes over 150 brief, effective, educational sessions covering over 50 common topics and skills related to mental health, wellness and substance use issues. Start using TAO today and explore their interactive sessions, mindfulness exercises and practice tools that can help you achieve your goals.
  • Calm: Calm is an online resource and app that has tools to help you improve your relaxation, sleep and meditation.
  • HeadSpace: HeadSpace is another online resource that can help you develop a meditation practice.

Get Connected

Summertime is great for doing outdoor activities with family and friends. Social connections are also connected to your well-being, and they promote better health outcomes. Invite your friends to go on a walk or hike, or try some fun pick-up games this summer!


Get Outside

Need ideas for getting outside? Try some of these below:

If you need additional help in improving your mental health, see the resources below: