Sex and What You Need to Know

Sexual Responsibility 

Did you know that STIs are on the rapid climb in the United States? That’s right, even with all the new technology and resources available to cure and prevent STIs, the number of diagnoses are continuing to rise. This means that we have a greater responsibility on our hands—in order to stay sexually healthy, we must take ownership of the decisions we make about our sexual lives.

This week is Sexual Responsibility Week! Sexual responsibility refers to how someone makes knowledgeable decisions and safer choices to improve or maintain their overall sexual health. When someone is more responsible, they ultimately protect themselves from unplanned pregnancies, STIs, and HIV, as well as respect and facilitate open conversations with their sexual partner.

Here are some ways to make sure you are being sexually responsible:

  • Be comfortable with your choice to be sexually active or abstinent
  • Understand why you are sexually active
  • Communicate openly and respectfully with your sexual partner
  • ALWAYS receive consent before engaging in sexual activity with your partner
  • Understand the components of a healthy sexual relationship
  • Take precautions to avoid getting an STI (Use a condom, get tested regularly, have your partner get tested regularly)
  • Know and understand your options for contraception to avoid having an unplanned pregnancy (Barrier methods, hormonal methods)

Have questions? For more information on STIs and what resources are available to you, go to

Safe Sex 101

By Emily Martin
Clemson University '21 | Health Science B.S.
Calhoun Honors College
Healthy Campus Communications and Marketing Intern